San Diego Short Sales

San Diego Short Sales

Is a short sale right for you?

San Diego Short SalesDo you owe more on your mortgage than your house is worth? You’re not alone. Millions of homeowners do too.

Unlike them, you DON’T have to face the anxiety of home foreclosure! With my help, you can avoid foreclosure, save your credit and get back on the road to financial stability. I can help you apply for federal programs to help you short-sell your home.

Why should you pursue a short sale?

– You’re in control of the sale — not the bank.

– You avoid the stigma and stress of foreclosure.

– The home sale is handled like any other home sale.

– You avoid bankruptcy — saving your credit and good name.

– The lender accepts a loss it considers minimal without going through a foreclosure.

What federal programs can I help you apply for?

There are several federal programs that can help you with San Diego short sales:


Home affordable modification program (HAMP)

If your mortgage was originally backed by Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae, this program may work for you. In HAMP, your loan servicer consults federal and investor rules to determine if you’re eligible for any government assistance programs. You will likely qualify for HAMP assistance if:

– You’re the principal resident of the home.

– You got your loan prior to 2009.

– Your loan is less than about $730,000.

– Your monthly payments are more than 31 percent of your gross monthly income.


Home affordable foreclosure alternative (HAFA)

With HAFA, the government tries to help you keep your home or assists in a short sale. To qualify for HAFA, you need to get a letter of authorization and provide a “hardship letter” outlining why you’re struggling to make your payments.

What can I do to get the process started for you?

I’m an expert at streamlining what can be a complicated process in San Diego short sales. First, I’ll contact your bank to determine whether they’ll accept less than a full payoff. Why is it free? Because we get paid by the bank at close of escrow. That means you can put your hard-earned money to work elsewhere.

Why should you hire me?

Not every lender will negotiate a short sale — especially when it comes San Diego short sales. I’m an experienced, reputable and committed real estate broker who can quickly form relationships with both the lender and the bank to get the short sale started without the red tape.

That’s why I’ve received such awards and hold such titles as:

– Certified distressed property expert since 2010

– Winner of the “Best in Client Satisfaction” 5 Star realtor, San Diego Magazine, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.

– Agent of the Year, 2006, 2007

– Licensed broker since 2009

– Licensed realtor since 2002

With my help, a short sale can save you anxiety and give you a second chance at your dream home.
So what are you waiting for?
Call me today for a free San Diego short sales consultation at 760-522-2855.

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