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Nestled just south of beautiful Balboa Park, Golden Hill has a long and colorful history that is visible in its varying architectural styles. Beginning as early as the 1870s, Golden Hill attracted those who desired a suburban homestead still close to the hustle and bustle of Downtown San Diego. Large lots and gorgeous views of San Diego Bay are still trademarks of the district. Everything from farm house to Victorian, craftsman to colonial revival are represented in Golden Hill, each bringing a particular flavor to the diverse region.

More recently, Golden Hill is known for its luxurious condo conversions, transforming historic apartment complexes into highly-desirable condos for young professionals, families, and executives alike.

In addition to historic homes and newly-renovated condos, Golden Hill is home to a variety of ethnic markets, small businesses, antique stores, and art galleries. Voted “Best Cocktail” by the Union Tribune years over, the Turf Supper Club is a favorite hangout for locals. This neighborhood treasure includes a historic working jukebox and a “cook your own steak” grill.

A famous public works project, the 25th Street Musical Bridge, borders the boundary between Golden Hill and Sherman Heights. Sculptor Roman de Salvo and composer Joseph Waters had a hand in designing not only the bridge, but also the unique musical “song rail” that plays a unique tune when tapped by pedestrians.

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